Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tangible Tidbits 2010 #24: Six Month Status Check

Greetings from Ocean City, MD! It doesn't have the same ring as "Greetings from Asbury Park" -- an early Springsteen album for those not familiar with the reference -- but it's where I am at the moment. :)

Since I'm technically on vacation, I'm not going to spend too much time on this week's message. I just wanted to check in with my audience, since this is the 24th message posted here. I'm new to blogging, so I would like to get some feedback on what I'm doing right and what I'm not. In the six months I've been writing here, I've gotten two off-list emails about these entries. For all I know, that means only two people have read anything I've written. I'm used to the interactive dialogue of message boards, so I kind of feel like I'm talking to myself here. :o

If you can please take a minute or two to let me know what you like and don't like about these weekly messages, I'd appreciate it. What content do you like to read here? What stuff do you think is uninteresting? Is there anything you would like me to include more or less of in future messages? What kind of content would be beneficial to you? Does the stuff about my personal life feel like TMI, or do you like reading about I'm up to these days? I basically recap what's going on in my life at the moment, both personally and professionally, when I sit down to write. I tend to put more of the educational-type stuff in the Focal Piece of the Month feature on the website (the new one is up, BTW). Is that working for you? I would be grateful to receive any and all thoughts, suggestions, critical commentary, etc. directly on the blog and/or Facebook Fan Page, or via email. My first preference would be to have them on the blog, but feel free choose whatever method works best for you. The important thing is to get the information to me, as it will help me map out a direction in which to take Something Tangible's blog/email newsletter in the future. Thanks so much in advance for your input! :)

It was 101 degrees here today, and I got sunburned while crabbing. :\

Have a good week, one and all! :)
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Patricia said...

Well, hello there :) The reason why I was the one sending you feedback via e-mail is that I've tried at LEAST three times to post via this blogging thingy, and got nada. goes: fourth time a charm?

I already told you that I love getting these tidbits in my inbox, as I can keep track on you this way. us LFNers gotta know it all, don't you think? :p're definitely NOT talking to yourself. and if this works, I'll be posting more often :)

Now, onto the questions. Even though this site is about your business mainly, I enjoy reading about your personal stuff more, to know what you've been up to, etc. I miss those days when we would chat daily and we'd know pretty much everything. So...this is a good place to start 'chatting' again, I guess. So please...include more about what's going on :P Inquiring minds want to know.

What I find a bit difficult to follow is all the processes you go through making stuff, finding things, etc. (but that's on me and not knowing about beads and techniques and stuff -- I wouldn't know all that stuff in Romanian, much less in English). However, that's not something I don't enjoy, as thanks to you, I now have quite an extensive knowledge about jewelry making. I even went to a hand-made jewelry fair here-- forced to go by friends, and I was quite proud of myself for recognizing stuff I'd read about in your blog, or seeing stuff made (I assume) by the same techniques you made them. So...bonus, even if it makes me...uhm....'work' in understanding.

All in all, I wouldn't change anything. Business intertwined with personal stuff works great for me. :)

Take care babe, and...don't get any more sunburned ( I should know; you KNOW I always manage to get sunburned)

Patty :p

Gilda M. said...

Hi Kristen,
YOu're def not talking to yourself. I read your messages every month! Personally, I enjoy your description of your work and whatever else goes with it; after all, this is a work related blog. Not that I don't care about personal stuff, though is nice to read what you've been through, I feel that this may not be the place. Of course, that is just my opinion. I do find all the descriptions about your work very interesting and enlightening since I don't know anything about the process.

Enjoy your vacation!

Maude said...

You're definitely NOT talking to yourself. Hi Kristen! I read all of your Tangible tidbits (in my emails). I think you shouldn't worry too much about what your audience think about what you might do wrong in YOUR blog. I mean, this is about YOU and how the artist that you are is evolving in the field of jewelry-making. It's interesting and I've learned a lot in what you write about your work, the techniques and material you use in making jewelry (I don't think that your readers knew much or anything at all about the cuttlebone casting technique or Steampunk!!!). And as a bonus, you keep us informed on what's going on in your daily life, at least of what you allow us to know ! I wear a big smile everytime I'm finished reading your letter. :) Keep going ! We want more !:D

Maude H. ;)

Kristen Glanzman said...

Patty, Gilda & Maude -- Thanks so much for the feedback, ladies! Glad to know I'm on the right track, for the most part. :D

Patty -- I said I got TWO email responses, so it wasn't JUST you! ;) And the other person said the same thing about having trouble logging into the blog. :\ I've never had trouble using this (company) account or my Gmail account, so I don't know what the problem could be. :( Glad you got through this time! ;)

Gilda -- Point taken about this "might not be the right place" for the personal stuff, which is why I asked. However, the majority of the responses I've gotten seem to support keeping it in, so that's what I will do. :)

Maude -- Thanks for being my #1 cheerleader! ;)

Maude said...

Ça m'a fait plaisir, très chère! ;)

Kristen Glanzman said...

Love ya, babe! **blows kiss**

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