Wednesday, January 6, 2010

An Oversight

I have an apology to make...and my only excuse is that when you're putting together a website, you're trying to remember 6,492 details and somehow #4,376 falls through the cracks.

I neglected to list the beaded fringe scarves (a black velvet one in the NOT FOR SALE section and a green shimmer one in the Non-Gemstone Items area) as being kits I obtained from Bead My Love at the Innovative Beads Expo last October. Also, the two pairs of earrings inspired by those scarves should have mentioned Bead My Love in their descriptions. That has been corrected. My sincerest apologies to Meg Fillmore and Moggie Moyer for the oversight. I don't know if Meg has had time to pop in here, but if she noticed, she's been too polite to mention it. :) In any case, I don't like to take credit for other people's work and I certainly wouldn't do it deliberately. Bead My Love was the first link I added to the website at the bottom of the page. However, even if you click on it, it wouldn't be obvious that I got the scarves from them. So, I wanted to set the record straight. Thank you, ladies! :D
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