Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tangible Tidbits 2011 #7: Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello, everyone! Well, I'm back in the groove after my weekend get-a-way last weekend. It took almost the whole week to get caught up on everything, but that's not too surprising. LOL

We received our second project assignment in my Metalwork & Jewelry class two weeks ago. Naturally, I didn't do much with it last week before my trip, but I got it done this week and it's ready to hand in on Tuesday. :D The theme of the project was some kind of fastener, or "Keep Your Knickers Up." My piece is a pair of copper wire earrings, each formed and forged into the shape of a fibula -- an ancient brooch. I then wire-wrapped beads around the outer edge and dangled a heart bead from the bottom to make them more decorative. I'm really pleased with how they turned, we'll have to see what the teacher thinks! ;)

On Friday night -- with my nieces' help -- I made two name bracelets and corresponding name necklaces for a coworker's granddaughters. The children are about the same age as my nieces, so I wanted their feedback on what they would and wouldn't wear, as well as sizes. :)

While at the nail salon on Saturday...the same place where I displayed my pieces for their holiday party in December...I received orders for two more bracelets and a pair of earrings! One was a request from the owner! :D

And for those who missed the announcement on Facebook, Twitter, etc., I have been "drafted" to be the new Board Secretary of the Bead Society of New Jersey (BSNJ)! I knew my predecessor had to step down for personal reasons, but I figured I was "too new" to the organization to hold an office when they asked for volunteers. I guess I made a bigger impression on them than I'd thought! LOL They also asked me to submit my bio for the Member Profile in the upcoming newsletter, as well as submit my Factoidz stories to include in future issues! I've also agreed to donate something for a raffle at the St. Patrick's Day party/meeting (I haven't decided what yet...I may create a kit with materials and printed instructions from one of my workshop pieces), and I may also teach a workshop in the spring! When it rains, it pours! ;)

I spent part of this afternoon creating a opening sequence for my videos. I wish I could get rid of the black background, but then the black would show up in the transitions, since I don't know if you can or how to insert a background color in transitions with Camtasia Studio. Keeping the black throughout makes the opener appear seamless, so that's how I left it. :\ I will probably work on a closing sequence next week. I kind of forgot about it on this week's video. :o

Speaking of this week's video, here it is! It's my second video from San execution on-camera still needs a little work, but I'll get there with practice! ;) I tried to make the thought bubbles appear long enough to read them, but not so long that they ran into each other. They seem to be a bit short in this one, but it's hard for me to tell how the final video will actually flow in Camtasia because the audio and video are not always in sync. :o

I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day! <3
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