Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tangible Tidbits 2011 #18: May Day...May Day...

Hello, one and all! :) I want to thank everyone who responded via email or on Facebook regarding my "rant" last week. It's good to know I'm not alone in my assessment after all! :D

Well, I survived the studio reception at school I mentioned last week. A lot of people had some really nice stuff to show, but I was not the only one who didn't have my final class projects finished. I did get to finish the plate and condiment dish in the class studio time after the reception, though. My teacher liked them a lot! :D The head of the department, who was also my teacher last semester, was there. He greeted me as he walked past me after the reception was over. I didn't go out of my way to speak with him because, quite frankly, I have nothing to say to him. I didn't want his feedback on my work because I knew he'd hate it. As long as my current teacher is happy, that's all I care about now. ;) Also, my current teacher has three pairs of earrings featured in the May 2011 issue of Art Jewelry magazine, which I happened to see in the magazine's email newsletter I received a few days ago. Pretty impressive stuff! :)

We don't have a scheduled class this week, since Tuesday at MSU will be Friday's classes to make up for being closed on Good Friday. The studio will be open, though, so we can finish our projects. The final critique/picnic will be the following week, May 10. I still have to decide what food to bring and what to wear -- he prefers "dressed up" or at least respectable for the final critique. I usually wear my sweats from going to the gym after work, so I will have to go home between the chiropractor (after the gym) and heading up to school on that last day. It's gonna be tight! :o

Someone approached me a week or so ago regarding a link exchange. I had never heard of such a thing, but apparently there are groups I can join and agree to host links on my website in exchange for those sites posting links to mine. Cross-linking helps boost search engine optimization (SEO), which helps rank your site higher in search engines such as Google and Bing. I will definitely look into that! I'm having the web designer set up a "Links We Like" page to host them, so the links aren't plastered all over the main site like ads. ;)

By the way, the latest Focal Piece of the Month went up this week. I've featured one of my class projects, since I have yet to post one from this semester. :)

Having arrived safely at May 1, I think we can finally say we have Spring-like weather here in New Jersey -- bright, sunny and warm! It actually got up to 81 degrees one day last week, which was a bit TOO warm for me! Then again, anything is better than the dead of Winter, IMHO. :p

Oh, and like 30 percent of the rest of the world, I was captivated by the Royal Wedding toward the end of this week. I watched a very good Lifetime movie "William and Kate," and then, of course, the media coverage of the wedding festivities was practically on every channel on Friday. :) I thought her dress was gorgeous and she carried herself very regally. I have a good feeling about this Royal couple. I think they will do a lot to bring the British Monarchy into the modern age. :)

Have a great week! :D
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