Monday, May 23, 2011

Tangible Tidbits 2011 # 21: A Bit of Business & the Schwarzenegger Ordeal

Hey, everyone! Sorry I'm a day late, but I felt sick most of yesterday and I didn't come online at all. I'm not sure if that was the result of Saturday's NAET treatment for six calcium-related additives in an attempt to relieve my issues with calcium oxalates...but I never had that reaction before, so it may be a coincidence. It may take a week to see any improvement, but I have a feeling based on the results on Saturday that I will have to repeat at least two of them. I already have to repeat the treatments for yeast and sugar in three weeks, since I am still approximately 40 percent "allergic" to them. I just have to keep plugging along...

I got an A- in my Metalwork & Jewelry class! I'm really happy about that, given the teacher is one I respect a lot. :)

Our new "Links We Like" page for link exchanges is up and running. The idea is posting reciprocal links on sites that are willing to host my link in an effort to increase search engine optimization (SEO).

I FINALLY started posting product photos on the Facebook page again this week! There are still quite a few to go, but at least I'm making progress! ;)

Also, I received a kewl email this week, informing me that I won a $100 gift card for See's Candies as the First Place winner in the See's Easter Promotion Contest! I sent links to the Virtual Mall website page, Facebook page, Twitter and Google Buzz messages. The irony is that I don't think the links generated any sales for See's. LOL :o Anyway, $100 buys a lot of chocolate, so my mother has enlisted my nieces to help me spend the money. :p

And now for something completely different! ;) "Showbiz Tonight" reported that Hollywood is appalled (I'm paraphrasing because I can't find the original clip) over Arnold Schwarzenegger's actions that led to the break-up of his marriage to Maria Shriver. I have to say, I'm surprised by this reaction. Hollywood has always tolerated "indiscretions" by the point of studios covering them up so as not to damage the reputations of their stars back in the day. Frankly, I hope Hollywood IS appalled, as well as the public. One of the reasons celebrities act the way they do is because there are no real repercussions for their negative behavior. Charlie Sheen has a nasty, inappropriate public meltdown, yet his "Violent Torpedo of Truth" shows are selling out in some cities. WTF? I can't tell you how many celebrities I used to respect have "fallen from grace" over the years. It's really sad that positive role models seem to be nearing extinction. The fact is, people who choose a career in the public eye -- actors, sports figures, politicians, musicians, etc. -- are held up as societal role models whether they like it or not (and many don't). Is it a coincidence we have a generation of children who are growing up to be self-involved, bratty adults? I don't think so. How can children learn how to act appropriately when they see celebrities acting like spoiled brats...and getting away with it? Maybe if we start holding celebrities accountable for their bad behavior -- hit them where it their wallets -- we can start to change the cycle. It's long past time, IMHO.

Have a great week!
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