Monday, May 7, 2012

Tangible Tidbits 2012 #18: It's Always Something!

Hey, everyone! Well, I got some bad news for my wallet today. My all-in-one printer/scanner/copier hasn't been printing in color for maybe a month or so, and I finally took it in to a local repair shop last week. Unfortunately, it's not something he can fix. He suggested sending it back to the manufacturer. Can you imagine what it would cost to ship this thing anywhere?! Looking back at my paperwork, the manufacturer's warranty was for one year and the extended warranty I purchased with it at Staples in March 2010 was for two years...which means it expired two months ago! Big shock, right? 8-| I'll have to call Staples ASAP and beg for mercy. Wish me luck with that! :P

I also learned this week that the professor I wanted to write my recommendation letter for the MJSA Education Foundation Jewelry Scholarship left Montclair State University after the Fall 2011 semester. I've reached out to a former classmate who might possibly have a way to reach him, but she hasn't gotten back to me. I think I recall him saying in which town he lives, so I may be able to look him up on Thankfully, I still have a month before the deadline...but if I can't find him, I may be S.O.L. (sh#t outta luck). :(

So, by now you've noticed the latest addition to the blog page...EMOTICONS! :-bd Sadly, they don't show up on the email version, sorry! :( Those of you who know me from my message board days know how much I loved my emoticons. ;) When we set up the blog back in 2009, the web designer struggled with adding them to the blog. I forget exactly why it didn't work, but I was resigned to have an emoticon-free blog. =(( She surprised me last week with the new emoticons, which were adapted from Yahoo! Messenger. B-) So, expect me to be more "emotive" in my posts from now on! :)) She also added icons for various social media sites directly to the bottom of each post on the blog page, so feel free to share! ;)

AAANNNNDDD...Firefox just crashed while I was writing my post! #-o Luckily, Blogger automatically saves regularly. #:-S

This week, I didn't work much on my Bead Challenge project, but I did make some headway on the project we started at the April BSNJ meeting. I saw some completed projects on Tuesday at the Board meeting, and I wanted to see if I can finish it by our May general meeting. :-? I also played around with seed and bugle beads over the weekend in an attempt to come up with a potential entry for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Seed Beads Jewelry-making Contest, with a deadline of May 31. I think I came up with a bracelet that might be "showy" enough to impress the judges, but I'm not sure. :-s I may enter it anyway, since you never know. Ironically, one of the criteria they claim to judge on is wear-ability [is that a word? :-/ ] I don't consider the majority of the winning pieces comfortably wearable, but I guess I'm in the minority. 8-|

On Saturday, I had another NAET treatment...this time for the vegetable mix, nightshade vegetable mix, melon mix (which includes pumpkin for some odd reason), and nut mix #1 again, which was about 50% cleared previously. Since I mostly had to avoid melons -- which I don't like anyway, but I get a bad reaction to pumpkin -- and vegetables, this was a pretty easy weekend. It's a lot harder when you have to avoid certain kinds of protein, starches, and beverages, particularly water. I'm making slow-but-sure progress. With a little luck, I may be finished with these treatments by the end of the year. :-bd

That's all I've got for now. Take care and have a great week! :-*

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