Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tangible Tidbits 2010 #12: Welcome Back Spring!

Happy Easter and a belated Happy Passover to those who celebrate; Happy Spring to everyone else! :D

I've been busy working on a project for Bead & Button magazine's Bead Dreams 2010 contest, which has an entry deadline of Monday, April 5 (tomorrow). I got inspired by some Crazy Lace Agate round beads I bought earlier this week in ruby and larimar blue, paired them up with lavender and royal blue irregular Mother of Pearl squares I already had, added some of my own handcrafted wire "spring" beads in sapphire blue and pink, plus 1mm azure and merlot WireLace(R) accents to create a two-strand Welcome Back Spring necklace for the contest. I also made two pairs of earrings -- I liked the idea of a mis-matched set, one blue and one ruby...but decided to make a pair of each color in case some people didn't "get" that concept -- and a bracelet to match. Pictures will most likely be posted tomorrow, since I have to upload the photos of the necklace for the contest application. ;) I can't sell the necklace until after the contest is over, since they may want the original for the next round of judging, but I'll add it to the Facebook Fan Page and the Something Tangible website GALLERY so you can see it. :)

Still working on earrings for a colleague at my office. One pair of clip earrings has turned into four so far. :D I've come up with a kewl design with 6mm WireLace(R), seed beads and one larger focal bead that looks like a flower. You may have seen the pink version on the Facebook Fan Page or in the GALLERY this past week. I'll be making another pair in blue and possibly yellow [the WireLace(R) colors marigold and pale gold aren't very "yellow," so I'm not sure about that pair yet...we may go in a different direction altogether]. I like the design a lot, and I want to find a way to make it more versatile.

Had my first client offer to keep me "on retainer" today! :D I repaired a charm bracelet for an old friend that she's had since she was a child. She adds a charm whenever she travels somewhere new. I replaced all of the jump rings for her because the ones she had didn't close properly, most likely due to years of repositioning the charms. So, she's decided she wants me to maintain the bracelet for her, since it's such a prized possession! How kewl is that? It may not ever be a very lucrative project, but loyalty definitely counts for something! ;)

Have a great week everybody! :D
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