Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tangible Tidbits 2010 #15: Stay Tuned...

There's a good chance I'll have a BIG announcement to make next week, but I don't want to say anything until it's official, as it might not work out. Fingers crossed! ;)

A good friend ordered one of the Zodiac cameo bookmarks I made recently. I made it on a lark...I had bought two Capricorn cameos, but I wasn't sure what I would do with them. Once they arrived, I wasn't really thrilled with how they looked (one of the perils of ordering materials online). One happened to fit in a filigree setting I had lying around, so I decided to put them together on a gunmetal bookmark, which I also bought a short time ago with no specific plan in mind. It looks really great! Unfortunately, shell cameos are a bit pricey and so the bookmark costs a bit more than most people would probably pay for a bookmark. Since I'm a Capricorn, I may end up keeping it for myself! LOL

Luckily for me and my friend, is having a sale on cameos this weekend! Sometimes, Lady Luck just smiles on you, eh? :D

Almost finished with the St. Petersburg Medallion bracelet from my workshop a couple of weeks ago. I'm not happy with some of the medallions, particularly the center one, so I may take them apart and start again now that I know more what I'm doing. ;)

I'm also making a presentation binder with photos of all of my pieces to loan a coworker. She asked me for one to take to an Eastern Star meeting, How could I refuse that kind of opportunity? I'm pleased with how the binder is turning out, but it's very time (and ink!) consuming. :p

Two coworkers are working hard at convincing me to register for the a craft show being held at Nomahegan Park in Cranford, NJ next month. I have enough pieces, but the cost for a table is a bit steep. Still, my friends assure me that I'll make it back easily. Since I have to reduce my inventory due to storage space. My sister gave me a huge wooden jewelry box that you can hang on the wall like a medicine cabinet for my birthday last year. It's FULL. That's how I know I have enough pieces for the craft show. LOL I'll keep you posted if I decide to do it.

I also heard back from the Bead Dreams 2010 contest and my Welcome Back Spring! necklace was not accepted. That's okay...I didn't really expect it to be. So, it will be up on the site for sale in the next couple of days (I have a number of additions/edits to make, so I will hopefully get to them one night this week). :)

Enjoy your week!
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