Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tangible Tidbits 2011 #5: Snow, Snow, GO AWAY!

Hello, everyone! :) Man oh man, are we ever buried under a ton of snow here in New Jersey! :p Once the snow melts, it will be like a tsunami hit us. Where is all of that water going to go? :o And we're due for another snowstorm in the middle of this coming week! There's nowhere to put any more! :( I can't wait to get to San Diego next weekend and get a short reprieve from the wicked white stuff...I may just "forget" to come back! ;)

So, what's new around here? Well...

* The new Focal Piece of the Month is up on the website.

* I won a Flip video camera in an eBay auction last week for $112 (it ordinarily goes for about $200 retail).

* I've opened a new Twitter account specifically for the Virtual Mall: @STVirtualMall.

* And, I've set up a Google profile for Something Tangible LLC.

I decided I didn't want people to associate my "personal" kglanzman accounts on Twitter and Google Buzz with "spam," so I am now filtering the Virtual Mall messages through appropriately-named channels. ;) No one has ever complained, but I would rather keep the two activities separate...although I was once counseled to use one account under my name for everything in order to create my "personal brand." To that end, Something Tangible general messages will still go through my original accounts. :)

I have to start packing for the Empowered Entrepreneurs conference next weekend. I'm just hoping the snow won't delay my out-going flight on Thursday! At this point, I wouldn't really care if I got delayed coming home. LOL :o

On the personal side of life, I took my younger niece to Glassworks in Morristown, NJ for her 8th birthday last weekend. As I did last year with my older niece, I made a picture frame for the absent girl. I promised them I'd post the picture in the website photo Gallery and on the Facebook Fan Page. They love it when I post stuff I made for them for all the world to see. :D

I also saw "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" at Millburn's Paper Mill Playhouse today with an old friend/former boss & coworker. We had a great time catching up and the show was very funny! :)

Lots to do before I leave toward the end of the week. I will probably be posting from the San Diego airport next weekend. My flight lands in Newark at 5:28 A.M. on Monday! :o

Take care and stay warm! :D
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