Monday, March 12, 2012

Tangible Tidbits 2012 #10: MJSA Expo & "Smash"

Hello, everyone! Today was pretty busy, as I went into NYC by bus with a couple of friends from the MSU Metalsmith Guild to check out the MJSA (Manufacturers | Jewelers | Suppliers | Artisans) Expo at the New York Hilton. My friend had the address incorrect, so we walked about seven blocks out of the way from Port Authority to the wrong hotel! Luckily, I had the information from the website in my Google Calendar on my phone, so were able to get to where we needed to be. :) I didn't know what to expect of the event, but it was like the other gem shows I've attended in the past...lots of tables of vendors showcasing bead strands, cabochons, faceted gems, focal pieces, chain and other findings, studio equipment, etc. I was good in that I didn't buy anything! ;) It was fun to hang out with my friend Kristina...we had a good time together. Now that I know what to expect, I will only attend if I have money to spend and something specific I want to find. Luckily, the weather was nice...warm enough to wear my denim jacket, and I ended up taking it off on the ride home! I'm feeling the effects of all that walking now in my bad knee and part of my left foot for some reason. :\ I plan to take it easy for the rest of the week, though. :p

I bumped into a couple of members of the Bead Society of New Jersey at the show! We're having our Vendor Night -- a members only shopping event -- on Thursday evening. I will hopefully reign myself in again...twice in one week is a lot to expect, though! LOL In our quest for officers for next year, I was contacted by two sisters who may be interested in serving as Members-at-Large. They will speak to current officers in that role on Thursday, and hopefully put their hats in the ring. :) If they do, then we still have at least one more and possibly two Member-at-Large position(s) to fill, as well as President and Vice President. I have a feeling those last two will be the hardest, as the positions seem daunting. :o We have a number of impressive programs already scheduled for the fall, and it would be a shame if we have to cancel because the group dissolves. :( Wish me luck! :p

I watched a marathon of the first five episodes of NBC-TV's "Smash" on Saturday. I'd read about it and thought it would be interesting, but it airs against "Hawaii Five-0," so I never caught it. I like it a lot! This week's H50 is a rerun, so I'm off to watch "Smash" now. :)

Have a great week! :D

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