Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tangible Tidbits 2012 #12: From Romania to Recycled Contact Lenses

Hello, everyone! Hope all is well in your part of the world. :)

I received an email this week from a reader in Romania I've known for probably more than a decade. We've never met, although she calls herself "My Romanian twin," as we have a lot of things in common. She wrote to tell me that she checked out "Smash" after reading my review and she LOVES it! LOL She also invited me to come stay with her in Romania sometime! I've never been...I have no idea how long it takes to fly there. Honestly, I'm not even sure exactly where it is in Europe (sorry, Patty! :o) I may seriously have to consider making this trip one of these years. I have a ton of frequent flyer miles, but not much of a vacation budget. She even offered to cook for me so I can save on food! ;) Anyway, just thought I'd tell you about the most interesting invitation I'd received this week. LOL

I FINALLY got my income tax information organized yesterday and it will be delivered to the accountant tomorrow. It took me about five hours to get it all sorted out...I hope the figures are correct! I'm so glad THAT'S over! WHEW! :p

While surfing around Facebook earlier today, I came across two kewl applications for company pages -- Fan of the Week and Top Fans. The first one acknowledges a fan based on interactions with the page that week. The second app determines and recognizes people with the most points (not sure how that is evaluated by the system yet), likes, & comments on the page in a given week. I've added both apps to the SomethingTangibleLLC and Something Tangible Virtual Mall pages, so keep an eye out for your name to appear! ;)

I've got a few new projects I want to work on over the next week or so. My hair is getting long, so I want to make some new barrettes. I have a few different ideas I'd like to try. Also, I want to start making Shamballa and Chen Luu wrap bracelets. Making the Shamballa bracelets shouldn't be too hard, since I know macramé and I'm pretty sure that's how they're made. The Chen Luu bracelets will be a little harder. Although they may look straight forward to make by looking at them, I want to follow directions in case there's something more to it than I can see with the naked eye. ;) I heard someone taught a class with the wrong size beads and the bracelets all fell apart. I don't want to make THAT mistake. :p I saw instructions for one somewhere on the web not to long ago. I just have to remember where I saw them and print them out. ;)

Well, I wasn't as "well-behaved" at BSNJ's Vendor Night as I had been at the MJSA Expo earlier in the week. Still, I think I only spent about $20. I found some pretty rock-like focal beads, as well as crystal cube beads, leather cord, and a button for the wrap bracelet. There was a lot of really kewl stuff there, including Michael Harrington Beads, who makes colorful and creative focal beads out of recycled contact lenses that look like Lampwork glass. They are too rich for my blood at $10-20 EACH. Still, they are very pretty, and I do admire that he has found an innovative use for old contact lenses. :)

Well, I've got to go dry my hair...I sat down here right after my shower, and it's getting a bit chilly! I can't complain, though. Here on the East Coast, we practically skipped winter altogether this year! :D

Take care and have a great week! :)

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