Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tangible Tidbits 2012 #11: Progressing In Some Areas...Stalled In Others

Good afternoon, all! I had another NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique) treatment first since last June. I've been wanting to go back for a long time, but financial considerations had me put it off. As it stands, the treatments are considered out-of-network for my health insurance, so I have to pay out-of-pocket until I reach my deductible of $3,000. :o I sincerely doubt I will need THAT many treatments, but it is covered by the flexible spending allowance (FSA) plan we have at work, so I can pay for them that way. :p Yesterday's treatment was to eliminate reactions to nuts and spices. When I left the doctor's office yesterday, the reactions had been completely cleared...I just had to stay away from those items for 25 hours to hopefully make it stick. The "fasting period" ended around 1-1/2 hours ago. It's really harder than it seems because things you wouldn't ordinarily associate with nuts or spices may have them in their ingredients. For example, I found out that Cheez-Its have paprika in them! Also, there are spices in many fragrances and aromatherapy oils, as well as mint in chewing gum, toothpaste, lip balm, and mouthwash. To be on the ultra safe side, I tend to avoid anything that MIGHT have the ingredients I'm trying to avoid in them, which makes for a very long 25 hours. I usually get headaches and just spend most of the time in bed. :p My next appointment is in three weeks, so I'll find out then how successful I was. Wish me luck! :)

As you know, I took the week off to do my income taxes. Well, I still haven't finished them. I printed out reams and reams of paper this week in preparation, though. Statements from my business and personal credit cards and checking accounts -- do you believe Bank of America (BoA) doesn't offer year-end summaries for business checking accounts? I get one for my Cash Management Account at Merrill Lynch, which is affiliated with BoA, as well as most of my credit cards. Particularly for business accounts, you'd think that would be a value-added service they'd offer! Instead, I have to go through statements for all 12 months of last year. Needless to say, that's part of the reason I haven't finished yet. I've pretty much decided to take one figure at a time and work on it piecemeal. I have a worksheet from the accountant to fill in with last year's figures included for reference, so I will just work on the categories (personal medical & health expenses or business education expenses, for example) one by one. Thankfully, I've left myself enough time that I should get them done by the end of March. Fingers crossed! :p

Speaking of education expenses, I found out that the registration and transcript holds on my records at Montclair State are because I owe them $415 and change from the Spring 2011 semester. Their policy, apparently, is that students are required to keep on top of their financial obligations themselves, which is why the school never notified me that there was a balance due. Although I was told where to find the information on the MSU system online, I could not find dollar amounts anywhere. Since they obviously were not anxiously looking for the funds -- and I have no plans to register for another class in the immediate future -- they will have to wait for the money, as I just got my car insurance bill for the next six months. Being that I leased a new car last year, the premiums are almost double what I was paying for the older car! Does it ever end???

On a more positive note, I was invited to join a Facebook group called "We Support Other Businesses" this week. The basic idea is to promote Facebook page traffic on each others' pages in a non-spammy way. They seem like a fun group of people, and very supportive (as you'd expect! LOL). One of the things I promoted there is Factoidz, since these professionals could benefit from the exposure as authors in their areas of expertise. Factoidz happens to be hosting a promotion now to increase awareness, and someone can win a $100 gift certificate. Since I was promoting it anyway, I figured I might as well submit the link. ;) I really have to write another article's been quite a while. :o

I also (finally!) tackled one other "major" project this week...I cleaned up my office/studio work area! It's 98 percent cleaned up...I still have a small pile of stuff to be sorted out and put away, but it is 1,000 times better than it was! :) I heard or read somewhere that "a cluttered environment is the sign of a cluttered mind." Maybe now I can approach the taxes with a clear mind!? LOL

Well, I've taken up enough of your time on this sunny Sunday afternoon (at least it's sunny here!). I hope you all enjoy what's left of your weekend and have a great week! :)

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