Monday, March 5, 2012

Tangible Tidbits 2012 #9: My First Runway Show!

Hi, everyone! Well, I survived my participation in Montclair State University's (MSU) Metalsmith Guild's Jewelry Galleria last night! Truth be told, it was more fun than I anticipated. I half-expected it to be tedious and painful. LOL Luckily for me, the turnout wasn't overwhelming due to insufficient publicity. I think I would have been super nervous if there had been 100 people there, as they reportedly had last year. This year, it was closer to 30...and many of those were family members of the other artists or models. :p A coworker from the office was my model, and she and I walked in square around the display tables in the center of the room for SEVEN MINUTES. You have no idea how long seven minutes is until you have to do something like this! LOL We stopped and chatted with people who were interested in looking at the pieces, including some of my former classmates. There were nine artists in all, I think. After the runway portion concluded, we sat at our display tables and chatted with people about our work. I even sold a ring! I didn't really expect this to be a sales event, so that was an unexpected bonus. Many people liked my pieces, especially the Chinese Take-out set and Steampunk box. I didn't bring much with me...just some of my more "arty" pieces, and most of them made in my MSU classes. I did bring one pair of the 4" diameter aluminum disc earrings and the 5" diameter aluminum disc earrings I have. People were blown away by the size, but impressed with the craftsmanship. :) One person made a point of telling me I was very talented, which made me feel good. :) All in all, it was a pretty positive experience.

Earlier this week, I was determined to master making knit ruffle scarves with Katia Triana Lux yarn, which is almost like narrow strips of netting. At least half of the BSNJ Board members were making them at the last Board meeting, and I think they look really kewl. The yarn is back-ordered all over the place -- one person I know bought 20 skeins from a shop in Florida while she was on vacation recently -- but I found some from an eBay seller who happens to be located in Bloomfield, NJ, which is also in Essex County where I live. I went out on a limb and purchased four skeins and some circular knitting needles, even though my "disposable income" these days is already predisposed. :p Still, I was determined. It took me two tries to make my first scarf...the first one was much too wide and short to be functional. Luckily, it came apart with a little effort, and I didn't damage the yarn in the process. My second try was much better, and by the fourth one -- yes, I made all four in a 3-4 day period! -- I made very few mistakes. ;) The design is such that it easily hides imperfections, which I like A LOT! :p Below is a picture of my first completed scarf.

The skeins of yarn I've seen have all been multicolored...I don't know if they make any in one solid color. The ones I purchased were off white-beige-tan (shown above), denim blues, black-white-gray, and teal-turquoise. The last one is my favorite..I may have to keep it for myself! ;) Mom really likes them...she even offered to wear one to Church and sell it right off her neck if anyone wanted it! LOL In fact, one of my friends from the Metalsmith Guild almost bought the black-white-gray one I wore to the show last night right off me! :) Unfortunately, it's pretty warm here right now, so I won't be able to wear them without being too obvious. :o They are almost boa-like, but I wore one to the office last week and they are comfortable. :) With St. Patrick's Day coming up, I wish I found some of the yarn in green! :p

This coming weekend is the MJSA (Manufacturers | Jewelers | Suppliers | Artisans) Expo in New York City. I'm registered for two out of the three days, and will take a day trip with my former classmates at least one day. I'll report on that next week. I've taken the whole week off from the office, partially to recover from the activities and also to get some stuff done around the house. I really have to go through my tax information and get it ready for the accountant. I also have to FINALLY put away some of the stuff on my workbench. I can't even sit at the computer right now -- which has no audio except through headphones at the moment anyway (I am on my Netbook in the kitchen) -- because there's so much "junk" in the way. :o Hopefully, I will get organized next week...maybe I'll feel less claustrophobic! :\

Thanks for sticking with me and have a great week! ;)

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